Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meet the Incredible Hulk double muscle monster Cow : Belgian Blue

Meet the Belgian Blue Cattle which is famous because of their double muscling due to a gene that suppresses the availability of myostatin. This breed produces huge amounts of meat but critics call 'monster cows' Belgian blues and even some countries have proposed to eliminate the tension. Check out more of Belgium Blue Cattle with 18 more photos after jump.

Stunning photos of the adventurous Extreme Night Surf by Mark Visser

Professional giant wave surfer Mark Visser probably possess superhuman athletic ability, but surprisingly, it lacks the night vision. Therefore, when he made ​​history riding 30 - to 40-foot waves during the twilight last month, which has the help of techies, presumably letting them know, "Oh, do not worry about me, I'll just surf the waves monster only at dusk. "

For its 2:00 Jaws fit into darkness off the coast of Maui, Visser rode a surfboard deception with LED lights designed specifically for a project of society by Solus LED submarine light of NASA. The lights were positioned to clarify the water board and in all the right places without impeding vision Visser, or the driver of your jet ski or helicopter pilots who accompanied him as he played his talent, nicknamed "The Night Rider ".

Red LED linear strips on the bottom of the board have been coupled with a resin sealed 12-volt DC battery power on top of the card, which provides light to 120 degrees. Visser Jersey also had the LED treatment. E 'was decorated with high-power white LED secondary optics and special facilities for an optimal distribution of light (which hopefully included spotlighting great white sharks and tsunami on the way).

 "The Night Rider" is intended to be only the first in a series of extreme adventures for your surfer of 28 years. Its extreme feats are no plans to part with a documentary called "9 Lives" which is scheduled for international release, later this year or early next year.

Really creative and artistic Finger Art and designs

The finger couple : Mr. and Mrs. Finger

Finger art : Chinese Style

Finger art King

Shooting and Dying Finger : Finger art suicide

Finger Art : smoking Finger

Amazed finger

Creative Relaxing Finger

Following is a series of fantastic artistic fingers and interesting, creative and fun that seems to be more than a job of any art. Surely you must have a really good power of visualization with creativity and a sense of humor for this kind of work. And then, seeing these photos, his research as the creator and the artist also has many. The artist has presented these fingers beautifully, which look wonderful in the roles assigned to them.

Most stunning, beautiful and special photos of 'Maldives' : the Heaven on Earth

The islands of Maldives look spectacular in the middle of trade to the Indian Ocean. So the settlers, and visitors from neighboring regions and from around the world have learned on the Islands until the story continues to be registered. This is the flow of coming and going of people and this culture, that the effect continues to be marked on the left within the people of the Maldives, the new language, beliefs, art, and the island country attitudes.An in the southwest Indian Ocean Sri Lanka, consisting of 19 atolls includes more than 2,000 coral islands. Governed by various groups of South Asia, depends were transformed into Islam in the 12th century. The Maldives was a British protectorate of self-government and independence in 1887, reaching the Sultanate (1965) and then a republic (1968). Male is the capital. Population: 369,000.

Great pics of the unusual and beautiful Golden Tabby Tiger

The biggest and the largest snake of the world

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesian villagers claim to have captured a python that is almost 49 feet long and weighs about 990 pounds, a native official said.If confirmed, this is an important snake never stored in captivity.Hundreds of people flocked to see the snake at a primitive zoo in the village Curugsewu country's main island of Java.Local government official Rachmat said the reticulated python measured 54 feet 8 inches and weighed in at 983 pounds.The Guinness Book of World Records lists the world's longest ever captured snake to 32 feet. The heaviest - a Burmese python held in Gurnee, Illinois - weighs 402 pounds, the book said on its website.The Indonesian newspaper Republika said the snake, which has caught this year, but only recently put on public display, eats some dogs a month.Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world. I can eat animals the size of sheep, but they were popular with attack and consume humans.The species is native to the swamps and jungles of Southeast Asia.

Best clicks of interesting, amazing and funny activities done by Animals

Elephant baby playing with a football

Winking mouse

Cute and Funny Proposal by a mouse : Mouse giving flower

Chimpanzee playing with their baby

Funny moments shared by squirrel and birds

Cuckoos bathing in Wash Basin

Squirrel peeping from pipes