Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Most deadliest, wild and powerful Shark attacks!

Sharks are awesome water creature made by god. Apart from being a symbol of strength, power they are tagged as one of the most deadliest and cruel sea creature who are mighty enough to make anyone as their prey if he/she comes in their way.  Let's have a look at the most powerful and deadly attacks by wild sharks :

attacked and eaten by shark

shark attacking helicopter by jumping and merging out of sea

shark wildly attacked surfer by jumping out 

poor guy falls prey to shark attack!

shark examining technical device

deadly jaws of shark

danger of shark while surfing

 Though sharks normally don't attack, but when their mood is bad or when they are hungry then even god can't save their helpless prey from their jaws. The above pics depicts that sharks are among the most dangerous creatures present on the planet. People should understand the risk of swimming or doing stunts in shark areas otherwise they may risk their lives in great danger.

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