Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Wildlife photography of the year (without macro) - wonderful quality photos of insects

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: 0.01 sec (1/100)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 55 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 54 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 55 mm
ISO Speed: 400
Exposure Bias: -
Flash Used: Yes
Photography is among those arts which requires high creativity, imagination, passion to click dream photos and off-course proper skills if you talk about professionalism. And among different variants of photography, Wildlife photography of insects is one of the toughest and most difficult. It involves great presence of mind, fast reflexes and off-course very high technical skills with the camera. The one thing which is very common in every skill is that perfection occurs with experience but on the contrary to this, Priyanshu Bhargava who is a student of mechanical engineering at Jaypee Guna has clicked some of the most wonderful and best photos of the insect segment of wildlife photography. Within a very short time he captured truly amazing photos of some of the miniature organisms and that to without using a macro! 

While talking with Priyanshu in detail about the tricks and tips associated with these pictures, we came to know that these were possible only due to the application of some proper technical skills used in photography. He tried to go as much as possible for proper detailing, kept the aperture maximum, tried continuous shots and recommended the use of a macro lens (though he himself didn't used one). Going in details, he further told that, lighting is always a problem while taking these kind of snaps, so use of a flash becomes necessary for clicking very high quality photographs. The best approach to use in the wildlife photography of insects is using the "rule of third" for framing.  Have a look at the wonderful wildlife photography clicks captured exclusively under the "Pb Photography" label. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mercedes Benz SL550 - Diamond covered special limited edition : truly high class

It has been 50 years now since the start of the production of the legendary Mercedes SL cars. To celebrate its the successful legendary 50 year run of it, a truly amazing and wonderful diamond covered Mercedes Benz SL550 car was showcased in an overseas auto exhibition show.  This diamond studded high class car design became the show stopper as it was the combination of two most classy names of the world, i.e 'Mercedes' and 'Diamonds'. Its precious body work makes it the most luxurious and most expensive car of the world. The entire body of of the car is studded with highly sparkling diamonds and its elegant headlights appears as crystals studded between them, it gives a very cool ice look to the car if seen from distance. And off course the Mercedes Benz logo at the front of the car looks classy as always. This limited edition special car showcased at the silver jubilee i.e. 50th anniversary Mercedes SL is truly made for the richest people of the world as it costs in Millions. Have a look at its photos.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Katrina Kaif nose-lip plastic surgeries : the shocking truth exposed and revealed

It is always very hard and tough to believe a fact if it is something against "Katrina Kaif" who is the goddess of beauty. But the shocking truth about her beauty and charm is that she has underwent many plastic surgery operations to enhance the appeal and looks of her face. The list of the surgeries that Katrina Kaif underwent includes the names of 'Rhinoplasty' i.e. commonly known as the nose job or nose plastic surgery and the 'Lip Collagen' commonly known as the lip job or lip plastic surgery. It is believed that the best feature of Katrina's face are her lips accompanied by her pout which is one of the best in the world and the evidence of this can be clearly seen in her advertisement for Mango Slice. But the bitter truth is that, she underwent the lip surgery to achieve such beautiful lips, she increase the thickness of her lower lip and her amazing pout is also artificial and not natural. Her cute nose is also an outcome of a surgical operation, she reduced the thickness and tip of her nose to give it a more slim look to add to her face beauty. It is really hard to believe this about her, but these are real facts. The so called 'best natural beauty' of the world is now no more natural. Though she is very very beautiful and even more better then ever before but those enhancements of her face are fake. Have a look at the before and after photos which reveals the exposed truth and reality about Katrina Kaif's plastic surgeries.

Real life natural "Angry Birds" : similar look alike of the birds in the game

If you love playing cool games on your gadgets as a time pass activity, then you 'must' be a "Angry Bird" game fan. The angry birds game has emerged as one of the best used game app on mobile phones (specially androids and other smartphones ). After its huge success in the android market, the game made its place in the Symbian market too and also it became one of the most played, downloaded and searched games online via Internet.  Nowadays, it has become so much popular that it can be found in almost each and every mobile phone and computer devices. The game involves hitting the creatures trapped inside stone structures by the means of throwing birds at them by a catapult. The birds launched can either make the creatures by making rocks fall on them or either by making direct impact on the. The game so engaging that it can pass your long boring hours without making you even ideate the thought of any other activity or necessity. It has really become a casual gaming necessity made for fun and time-pass. It has been rated as the best android and smart phone application of the year 2011. With continuous advancements in the game done by its makers, the game becomes even more interesting in playing its different versions and regularly releasing new levels. Each level of the game is designed in such a way that it forces the player to keep on playing it till the next level and many even play a level repeatedly to set a record score for the level that can't be broken. Not only as a game, but the angry bird theme for mobiles has outranked majority of  other popular themes.Other then the virtual world, separate amusement theme parks and centers have already been setup around different parts of the world to play this game in reality and there success is growing exponentially day by day.

Apart from the game specifications, the idea of the game birds has been taken from real life crazy and cool looking birds that have the ability to drag anyone's attention with their beautiful looks. These birds by default look 'angry' to match the them of the game and all the bird designs used in the game are designed on these real life natural birds. Have a look at the pictures of these real life natural angry birds which look exactly the same as the birds in the game. Give special look at their face and you will come to know why the game has used these 'angry birds'.  Have a look at the photos of the birds that look completely similar and alike to those in the Angry Birds app or game, these are generally classified as eagles.

Anushka Sharma - most beautiful photos in her stunning red rose princess look

Out of very few Bollywood actresses who can give a little competition to Katrina Kaif in terms of their natural and elegant beauty, Anushka Sharma is one of the leading names. Anushka Sharma has got a great figure, pretty face and charming natural looks. She completely looks gorgeous in almost any outfit or clothes. Recently in the Blenders Pride Fashion show (model ramp walk), the beauty Anushka Sharma proved to be a show stopper in her absolutely stunning and beautiful looks in her red gown designer costume. She was totally looking like a red rose flower has evolved into a charming princess. The royal red color of her dress accompanied by the shades of peach and pink were adding four moons to her blushing pinkish cheeks and lips like rose petals. She was just looking simply superb like a true lady dream in absolutely ravishing style. Many experts have rated it as the best avatar of Anushka Sharma seen so far. The shine and glare of her smooth satin silk gown made her look even more appealing. Have a look at these absolutely stunning photos of her in which she simply looks the best. These photos prove that it will be still a fair competition if we talk about Katrina Kaif vs Anushka Sharma (though we know Katrina will win but still she will get a good competition).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Takashiba Roller Coaster : World's most steep sloped and biggest roller coaster ride now ready for action!

The experience of free falling under the influence of gravity is one of the most adventurous, exciting and threatening experience for human beings. Well to enjoy this adventurous experience, man has created many such amusement gravity slides and swings, but out of them nothing is as better as a Roller coaster. A roller coaster ride is really one of most thrilling experience in one's life. But what if it is the most steepest slope Roller Coaster of the world made ever! Just a mere though of having a ride in it is enough to give you goose bumps. Well this one of a kind extreme and biggest roller coaster of the world is completely built and is ready and is in operation at the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park situated in Japan (well there is no surprise in it, Japan is the world leader of technology).

 The name of this biggest, largest and most steep roller coaster of the world is 'Takabisha'. It accelerates you to a speed of 100 km/hr. The thrill of this roller coaster is defined by its drop of 43m at an inclination of 121 degrees of the free fall. Takashiba roller coaster broke the previous world record of the steepest roller coaster held by the 'Le Timber Drop' of France which has a freefall at 113.1 degrees from the horizontal. Takashiba roller coaster has been built up by the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park by spending a huge amount of 40 Million Dollars. Each ride of this roller coaster costs around $13 and the ride time is 1 minute 52 seconds. So, its around 2 minutes filled with the most thrilling and adventurous moments of your life if you get the opportunity to have a ride in it. Have a look at  its pictures.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pentax 645D DSLR - lacquered limited edition luxurious camera : 'best camera of the year'

If you are a photography freak and you are just crazy about photography then you would have probably heard the the name of the "Pentax 645D DSLR". It is one of the best photography camera gear of the year and of all time too. When it comes to adding professionalism and superiority to your clicks, nothing can be as better as this 40 megapixel photography wonder known as the Pentax 645D DSLR. Recently it was awarded and crowned as the 'best camera of the year 2011' at the biggest photography & camera event of the world named as the "Camera Grand Prix" in Japan. This is the best high performance camera which clicks images with super high resolution and quality.

Nothing can be as wonderful and amazing as having further made limited luxurious editions with enhanced characteristics of the best gadgets . And from this point of view the company Pentax has now launched some special limited luxurious and modified versions of the 645D DSLR camera. Though all the technical, configurational and working specifications of this new luxurious limited edition camera are same as its predecessor but the best thing about it is that it has extremely enhanced and beautiful looks. Which means that this new luxurious edition is an 'enhanced looks' makeover of the 645D DSLR. Other then its lacquer finish body design makeover, the camera consists few technological up-gradations such as CCD sensor feature. The best part of its new luxurious editions is that, though it has more superb body in terms of looks, but it is also very durable as it is completely weather and dust proof. So, if you love extreme condition photography then this is the right choice for you (but you got to spend more for these enhanced luxurious features as it is conventional that special edition things always cost more). Additional packaging accessories which comes this this camera are also 'high-class', these include the leather strap, wooden box (Paulownia) and a central spot matter focusing screen (DS-80). Have a look at the photos of this photography wonder.

Chubby Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 'aunty' after delivery : extreme pregnancy fat & swollen face!

Change is the law of life and this is applicable to one of the most beautiful women of the world too. The former Miss World and the wife of Abhishek Bachchan is no more charming and attractive as she looked few time back. Her curvy body and attractive figure is now completely covered with excessive pregnancy fat. Though it is normal after pregnancy but still we can't accept it because it is concerned with the beauty queen Aishwarya Rai. Along with the increase in her body weight, belly-body fat, her face has also been affected by  her pregnancy very badly.

Her face has lost its charm and it appears very dull and swollen nowadays. Though her clothes and her way of carrying herself helps her a lot to hide this big truth, but yes the truth is that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has become ugly in terms of her looks as compared to her image set in the eyes and minds of her fans. Well, she might also be thinking and feeling the same thing but everything is priceless in front of the ultimate gift of god given to the Bachchan family in the form of her baby. We still believe that the former Miss world we soon get back to her original figure which every men and women dreams about. Just some regular gym and work out sessions and then she will emerge as one of the most beautiful and charming Bollywood actress who has now has a baby. We wish that mother Bachchan will very soon break the hold of this ugly, horrible and terrible fat on her body and will look as beautiful as she was before. Have a look at her first public appearance photos after the birth of her baby.

Friday, November 25, 2011

"Why this Kolaveri Di" - the absolute non-sense but still cool : funny pictures

'Cola' very D

the answer is Dhanush himself doesn't know the answer :P
The recent "Kolaveri Di' song also called 'absolute non sense' song by many critics has become a great hit and now it has gone viral everywhere including Facebook. The walls, wall posts, pictures and comments of Indian Facebook users are full of "The Kolaveri Di' song and sentences such as "Why this kolaveri di". Most of the people who have heard this song starts liking and loving it after the second time they here it, though couldn't find any meaning in this one but still this song has already reached the limit of popularity as people and music fans are really enjoying hearing this song. There is nothing so crazy and great about it but people admit that the music is very cool and the lyrics (no matter what they are) give a cool feeling. Apart from Facebook, the social network of Twitter has also gone viral for this song. This song has been sung by superstar Rajnikant's son in law 'Dhanush' and he himself admits that this song is full of crap and non-sense but it gives a feeling of enjoyment whenever you hear it.

Even the U.S President wasn't able to stop him from hearing this song :)

Please someone tell me "Why this Kolaveri Di"??? :)
The song has already been listed as the top famous and popular chartbuster of the week. The song has already crossed 10 Million sharing mark on Facebook and now it has become so much popular that even Bollywood mega stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikant himself are loving it.  Dhanush expressed that is bad and broken simple English language sung in a  funky and crazy style are the responsible factor for the songs success. Though many people are hating the fact that how can such an absolute non-sense be so much liked and shared, but still the sharing and fan following graph of this song is raising exponentially.

Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume : the most beautiful look ever!

the curvy side pose
posing like a real super hero

She is one of the most curvy and best figured global female celebrity from Hollywood. Yes, she is none other then 'Kim Kardashian'. Kim has always been a role model due to her great fashion and styling sense. Whatever she wears, she looks superb. She has that dream figure body and curves which every women desires (and man too) and and her unique ability to carry her looks and personality in a classy manner makes her a real wonder women. However, few time ago, she really dressed like the 'Wonder Woman' character in her special wonder woman costume which was exactly a look alike of the original one. And undoubtedly she was looking really gorgeous and unique covered with the blue and red colors of the American flag in her wonder woman costume. Her long and open shiny hair styling were matching perfectly to her look. And as always her face was looking even more younger then ever before.  Have a look at the Kim Kardashian wonder woman costume getup.

Katrina Kaif looking extremely curvy, gorgeous and natural at a latest Salon launch event : exclusive photos

 The most beautiful Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was recently spotted taking part as a chief guest at the inauguration event of a Salon situated at Bandra, Mumbai. But this time, she was looking even more natural and beautiful then all her previous avatars. In her white tight fitting top Tshirt, blue denims and casual sneaker shoes she was looking extremely sober and girly. An elegant necklace in her neck was adding a classy look to her casual get-up. She inaugurated the 'Mad-O-Wat' salon by cutting the red ribbons and posing very cutely with her innocent and charming smile. The salon is is extremely 'high class' well equipped with extremely skilled professionals, advanced beauty care systems and the best (expensive and high range) cosmetic products for complete body and skin care. Coming back to Katrina, whether you believe it or not (you got to believe it, there is no other choice) she was looking extremely curvy and in shape in her casual avatar and as always her shinning and beautiful face was adding four moons to her charm. Might be possible that she's working to hard for her glamorous look in Dhoom 3. Have a look at her pics and you will surely notice that she has got one of the best natural figure and curves among all the global female celebrities.  It is surely the best casual, natural & simple but yet so glamorous life look of Katrina Kaif so far.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

"The midnight Beast" of Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber : unseen private photos leaked

Selena sitting on the lap of Bieber in the party 

embracing and holding her in his arm
In "The Midnight Beast" Tshirt with cutely posing kissing lips
The pair of Selena Gomez and her famous boyfriend Justin Bieber is one of the most highlighted teen love couple of the year. They have once again came together thrashing the rumors of their break up. Though Selena Gomez is very open about her this relationship in the media, but she still thinks that she is in a phase of life in which she is exploring her. She admits that she has other crushes too. On a question related to 'betraying' in a relationship, Selena expressed that she always believes in giving a second chance and she prefers making things work by finding the correct solution. she is having a great time with her love Justin Bieber who on the other hand is the heartthrob of millions and millions of girls (though equal number of people hate him too!).

She is enjoying her life a lot dating with the teen sensation Justin Bieber and the teen couple can be be frequently seen hanging out with each other in events, parties and secret holiday destinations. She still thinks that she's has grown up 18 year old and ultimately she will fall in love that's why she loves to hang out with people in order to explore herself. Apart from the rare, private and much famous photos of the duo, here are some of the most personal and unseen photos of the two enjoying naughtily with each other at "The Midnight Beast".  Have a look at this leaked private life pics of the couple.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real batman car 'The batmobile' : super stylish looks and photos

Front view : look at the turbo power fan technology in the front
looks very classy from the side view too
the gear and acceleration panel, just the same as it was in the series
picture showing the rear view : look at the turbo boost provided
The most cool and stylish thing about batman is his car known as the 'batmobile'. This is one of most technologically advanced unique design black color car which can surely be called a super car. It is truly one of a kind and it is one of the best looking car designs of all time. The batmobile has made a long journey since the creation of its first model as it kept evolving continuously with time. Enhancements, up-gradations and modifications with time lead to the development of the most superior car model of the bat mobile series which we have presented in this post.

 It is true that wherever there is some splendid work, there is a lot of hard-work and time spent behind it and this law holds good for this superb replica of the batman car too. The makers of this car spent almost 20,000 hours to ideate, modify and enhance a 1973 Lincoln Continental car into this batman style car. This car is not just similar to the batmobile in looks and body only, but it has almost all the features which the thinkers of the batman car model stated in the series. This means that it has a body with an adjustable height, it is loaded with weapons, it has video cameras, voice recognition technology and other luxurious entertainment facilities like the DVD player, plasma screen LED television etc. The car body has a glassy black color with a great finish and it's tires are very wide. It can be compared to a real life formula 1 car. The car took 3.5 years to get completed and costs around 1 Million Dollars. It is truly one of most coolest and stylish car designs made ever. Have a look at its pics.

Monday, November 21, 2011

John Abraham's new girlfriend 'Priya Marwah' : rare exclusive photos

the new hook-up : just look at the way he is holding her and carrying her alongwith him

After his break up from the Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu, John Abraham has found a new way to happiness in the form of his new girlfriend and he is now no more single (poor luck girls!). The name of this new lady love of John is 'Priya Marwah' who is an investment banker. Since his break up with Bipasha, John has been seen frequently dating with Priya and many close ones of the actor even say that Priya was one of the major reason of tension between him and Bipasha which ultimately lead to their break up. He has been continuously spotted hanging out with her in events, parties and both look very comfortable in each others company.  Few days ago, the actor gave the signals of tying the wedding knot in which he clearly expressed that he want to marry and settle down in 2012 with someone very special.

After his break up, he has now became very conscious about his personal life and does not want anyone to break his privacy. However, his latest link-up clearly shows that he will probably marry his new girlfriend Priya Marwah very soon. But this 38 year old Bollywood hunk doesn't want to share any information of his private life (including this 'someone special') with media due to the recent happenings in his life. Have a look at the pics of John Abraham with his new girlfriend or lady love.

The Rahul Gandhi girlfriend 'Veronique Cartelli' pictures : rare, unseen pics together

Rahul Gandhi is one of the most eligible bachelors of India. There has always been question regarding his love life and girlfriend. A very few people know that Rahul Gandhi actually has a girlfriend and he accepted this fact in front of media when he told about his Spanish (Columbian) girlfriend Veronique Cartelli. He was so concerned about his privacy in this relationship that there are only few rare photos of him with Veronique. A lot of people especially including women and girls have a question in mind that does Rahul Gandhi has a love life and if yes then who's the Rahul Gandhi girlfriend?

Well, in this post we have brought you the rare, unseen and exclusive Rahul Gandhi pictures with his girlfriend. He has already turned 41 this year and still there is no indications from him regarding the his marriage or his love life activeness. Previously, Rahul and Veronique were found to have an illegal possession of about 2,00,000 Dollars and since then no more news came about the couple. Since then he is living a friar life in front of media to serve and spend time with Indian rural people (well nobody knows that whether its genuine or just another tactic to improve his image for the election vote bank). Have a look at the pics of Rahul Gandhi with his so called girlfriend.

Tirupati Balaji Temple photos : richest pilgrimage and gold reserve temple of the world

Exclusive and rare original photo of the holy shrine of Balaji God at the temple
All the ornaments are made of high quality gold & diamonds including a heavy crown. The dresses are lined with gold chains.
The view of the Venkateshwara Gold temple at night
Day light view of the magnificent temple. Have a look at the 7 urns at the top
The Tirupati Balaji temple which lies on the Tirumala hill town of Tirupati lying in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India is one of the richest and biggest gold reserve centers of the world. The temple is so popular that thousands of people visit it just for a little glance of the god 'Venkatesh' who is also known as 'Balaji' who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Almost each and every devotee who visits this temple donates something to the temple in the form of cash, gold, diamonds, ornaments, jewellery, precious and valuable items in the temple 'hundi'. Thus there is a particular department of temple handling this and big machines are installed in the temple to collect and track donations from the devotees. 

Donating hair in Tirupati is considered as a goodwill and thus the place is one of the biggest suppliers of hair for cosmetic and other purposes. It is expected by experts the temple has such a vast collection of gold that if its gold comes in the market then the price of gold and silver will seriously thrash down! It is estimated that the annual gold offerings associated with the Tirupati Balaji temple are over 3000 Kg per year. In a current survey, the annual income of The Venkateshwara Temple was estimated to be around Rs 700 crore and this figure includes Rs 150 Crore made by selling the 'quick darshan' that VIP passes of entering the temple which gives a speedy entry to the shrine of Lord Balaji or Venkateshwara. Thus, making it the richest pilgrimage temple of all over the world.

 Apart from this the dome of the temple is majorly made up of Gold cover and 7 pure gold urns are established on the top of the two temple sub structures. The shrine of Lord Venkateshwara is daily decorated with gold and diamond studded clothes, ornaments and belt. Truly this Indian temple is one of the biggest and richest gold reserves of the world. Have a look at its photos to know about it's grandness.