Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real batman car 'The batmobile' : super stylish looks and photos

Front view : look at the turbo power fan technology in the front
looks very classy from the side view too
the gear and acceleration panel, just the same as it was in the series
picture showing the rear view : look at the turbo boost provided
The most cool and stylish thing about batman is his car known as the 'batmobile'. This is one of most technologically advanced unique design black color car which can surely be called a super car. It is truly one of a kind and it is one of the best looking car designs of all time. The batmobile has made a long journey since the creation of its first model as it kept evolving continuously with time. Enhancements, up-gradations and modifications with time lead to the development of the most superior car model of the bat mobile series which we have presented in this post.

 It is true that wherever there is some splendid work, there is a lot of hard-work and time spent behind it and this law holds good for this superb replica of the batman car too. The makers of this car spent almost 20,000 hours to ideate, modify and enhance a 1973 Lincoln Continental car into this batman style car. This car is not just similar to the batmobile in looks and body only, but it has almost all the features which the thinkers of the batman car model stated in the series. This means that it has a body with an adjustable height, it is loaded with weapons, it has video cameras, voice recognition technology and other luxurious entertainment facilities like the DVD player, plasma screen LED television etc. The car body has a glassy black color with a great finish and it's tires are very wide. It can be compared to a real life formula 1 car. The car took 3.5 years to get completed and costs around 1 Million Dollars. It is truly one of most coolest and stylish car designs made ever. Have a look at its pics.

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