Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pentax 645D DSLR - lacquered limited edition luxurious camera : 'best camera of the year'

If you are a photography freak and you are just crazy about photography then you would have probably heard the the name of the "Pentax 645D DSLR". It is one of the best photography camera gear of the year and of all time too. When it comes to adding professionalism and superiority to your clicks, nothing can be as better as this 40 megapixel photography wonder known as the Pentax 645D DSLR. Recently it was awarded and crowned as the 'best camera of the year 2011' at the biggest photography & camera event of the world named as the "Camera Grand Prix" in Japan. This is the best high performance camera which clicks images with super high resolution and quality.

Nothing can be as wonderful and amazing as having further made limited luxurious editions with enhanced characteristics of the best gadgets . And from this point of view the company Pentax has now launched some special limited luxurious and modified versions of the 645D DSLR camera. Though all the technical, configurational and working specifications of this new luxurious limited edition camera are same as its predecessor but the best thing about it is that it has extremely enhanced and beautiful looks. Which means that this new luxurious edition is an 'enhanced looks' makeover of the 645D DSLR. Other then its lacquer finish body design makeover, the camera consists few technological up-gradations such as CCD sensor feature. The best part of its new luxurious editions is that, though it has more superb body in terms of looks, but it is also very durable as it is completely weather and dust proof. So, if you love extreme condition photography then this is the right choice for you (but you got to spend more for these enhanced luxurious features as it is conventional that special edition things always cost more). Additional packaging accessories which comes this this camera are also 'high-class', these include the leather strap, wooden box (Paulownia) and a central spot matter focusing screen (DS-80). Have a look at the photos of this photography wonder.

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