Monday, November 28, 2011

Real life natural "Angry Birds" : similar look alike of the birds in the game

If you love playing cool games on your gadgets as a time pass activity, then you 'must' be a "Angry Bird" game fan. The angry birds game has emerged as one of the best used game app on mobile phones (specially androids and other smartphones ). After its huge success in the android market, the game made its place in the Symbian market too and also it became one of the most played, downloaded and searched games online via Internet.  Nowadays, it has become so much popular that it can be found in almost each and every mobile phone and computer devices. The game involves hitting the creatures trapped inside stone structures by the means of throwing birds at them by a catapult. The birds launched can either make the creatures by making rocks fall on them or either by making direct impact on the. The game so engaging that it can pass your long boring hours without making you even ideate the thought of any other activity or necessity. It has really become a casual gaming necessity made for fun and time-pass. It has been rated as the best android and smart phone application of the year 2011. With continuous advancements in the game done by its makers, the game becomes even more interesting in playing its different versions and regularly releasing new levels. Each level of the game is designed in such a way that it forces the player to keep on playing it till the next level and many even play a level repeatedly to set a record score for the level that can't be broken. Not only as a game, but the angry bird theme for mobiles has outranked majority of  other popular themes.Other then the virtual world, separate amusement theme parks and centers have already been setup around different parts of the world to play this game in reality and there success is growing exponentially day by day.

Apart from the game specifications, the idea of the game birds has been taken from real life crazy and cool looking birds that have the ability to drag anyone's attention with their beautiful looks. These birds by default look 'angry' to match the them of the game and all the bird designs used in the game are designed on these real life natural birds. Have a look at the pictures of these real life natural angry birds which look exactly the same as the birds in the game. Give special look at their face and you will come to know why the game has used these 'angry birds'.  Have a look at the photos of the birds that look completely similar and alike to those in the Angry Birds app or game, these are generally classified as eagles.

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