Thursday, November 24, 2011

"The midnight Beast" of Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber : unseen private photos leaked

Selena sitting on the lap of Bieber in the party 

embracing and holding her in his arm
In "The Midnight Beast" Tshirt with cutely posing kissing lips
The pair of Selena Gomez and her famous boyfriend Justin Bieber is one of the most highlighted teen love couple of the year. They have once again came together thrashing the rumors of their break up. Though Selena Gomez is very open about her this relationship in the media, but she still thinks that she is in a phase of life in which she is exploring her. She admits that she has other crushes too. On a question related to 'betraying' in a relationship, Selena expressed that she always believes in giving a second chance and she prefers making things work by finding the correct solution. she is having a great time with her love Justin Bieber who on the other hand is the heartthrob of millions and millions of girls (though equal number of people hate him too!).

She is enjoying her life a lot dating with the teen sensation Justin Bieber and the teen couple can be be frequently seen hanging out with each other in events, parties and secret holiday destinations. She still thinks that she's has grown up 18 year old and ultimately she will fall in love that's why she loves to hang out with people in order to explore herself. Apart from the rare, private and much famous photos of the duo, here are some of the most personal and unseen photos of the two enjoying naughtily with each other at "The Midnight Beast".  Have a look at this leaked private life pics of the couple.

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