Friday, November 25, 2011

"Why this Kolaveri Di" - the absolute non-sense but still cool : funny pictures

'Cola' very D

the answer is Dhanush himself doesn't know the answer :P
The recent "Kolaveri Di' song also called 'absolute non sense' song by many critics has become a great hit and now it has gone viral everywhere including Facebook. The walls, wall posts, pictures and comments of Indian Facebook users are full of "The Kolaveri Di' song and sentences such as "Why this kolaveri di". Most of the people who have heard this song starts liking and loving it after the second time they here it, though couldn't find any meaning in this one but still this song has already reached the limit of popularity as people and music fans are really enjoying hearing this song. There is nothing so crazy and great about it but people admit that the music is very cool and the lyrics (no matter what they are) give a cool feeling. Apart from Facebook, the social network of Twitter has also gone viral for this song. This song has been sung by superstar Rajnikant's son in law 'Dhanush' and he himself admits that this song is full of crap and non-sense but it gives a feeling of enjoyment whenever you hear it.

Even the U.S President wasn't able to stop him from hearing this song :)

Please someone tell me "Why this Kolaveri Di"??? :)
The song has already been listed as the top famous and popular chartbuster of the week. The song has already crossed 10 Million sharing mark on Facebook and now it has become so much popular that even Bollywood mega stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikant himself are loving it.  Dhanush expressed that is bad and broken simple English language sung in a  funky and crazy style are the responsible factor for the songs success. Though many people are hating the fact that how can such an absolute non-sense be so much liked and shared, but still the sharing and fan following graph of this song is raising exponentially.

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