Friday, November 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume : the most beautiful look ever!

the curvy side pose
posing like a real super hero

She is one of the most curvy and best figured global female celebrity from Hollywood. Yes, she is none other then 'Kim Kardashian'. Kim has always been a role model due to her great fashion and styling sense. Whatever she wears, she looks superb. She has that dream figure body and curves which every women desires (and man too) and and her unique ability to carry her looks and personality in a classy manner makes her a real wonder women. However, few time ago, she really dressed like the 'Wonder Woman' character in her special wonder woman costume which was exactly a look alike of the original one. And undoubtedly she was looking really gorgeous and unique covered with the blue and red colors of the American flag in her wonder woman costume. Her long and open shiny hair styling were matching perfectly to her look. And as always her face was looking even more younger then ever before.  Have a look at the Kim Kardashian wonder woman costume getup.

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