Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mercedes Benz SL550 - Diamond covered special limited edition : truly high class

It has been 50 years now since the start of the production of the legendary Mercedes SL cars. To celebrate its the successful legendary 50 year run of it, a truly amazing and wonderful diamond covered Mercedes Benz SL550 car was showcased in an overseas auto exhibition show.  This diamond studded high class car design became the show stopper as it was the combination of two most classy names of the world, i.e 'Mercedes' and 'Diamonds'. Its precious body work makes it the most luxurious and most expensive car of the world. The entire body of of the car is studded with highly sparkling diamonds and its elegant headlights appears as crystals studded between them, it gives a very cool ice look to the car if seen from distance. And off course the Mercedes Benz logo at the front of the car looks classy as always. This limited edition special car showcased at the silver jubilee i.e. 50th anniversary Mercedes SL is truly made for the richest people of the world as it costs in Millions. Have a look at its photos.

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