Monday, November 28, 2011

Anushka Sharma - most beautiful photos in her stunning red rose princess look

Out of very few Bollywood actresses who can give a little competition to Katrina Kaif in terms of their natural and elegant beauty, Anushka Sharma is one of the leading names. Anushka Sharma has got a great figure, pretty face and charming natural looks. She completely looks gorgeous in almost any outfit or clothes. Recently in the Blenders Pride Fashion show (model ramp walk), the beauty Anushka Sharma proved to be a show stopper in her absolutely stunning and beautiful looks in her red gown designer costume. She was totally looking like a red rose flower has evolved into a charming princess. The royal red color of her dress accompanied by the shades of peach and pink were adding four moons to her blushing pinkish cheeks and lips like rose petals. She was just looking simply superb like a true lady dream in absolutely ravishing style. Many experts have rated it as the best avatar of Anushka Sharma seen so far. The shine and glare of her smooth satin silk gown made her look even more appealing. Have a look at these absolutely stunning photos of her in which she simply looks the best. These photos prove that it will be still a fair competition if we talk about Katrina Kaif vs Anushka Sharma (though we know Katrina will win but still she will get a good competition).

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