Monday, November 21, 2011

The Rahul Gandhi girlfriend 'Veronique Cartelli' pictures : rare, unseen pics together

Rahul Gandhi is one of the most eligible bachelors of India. There has always been question regarding his love life and girlfriend. A very few people know that Rahul Gandhi actually has a girlfriend and he accepted this fact in front of media when he told about his Spanish (Columbian) girlfriend Veronique Cartelli. He was so concerned about his privacy in this relationship that there are only few rare photos of him with Veronique. A lot of people especially including women and girls have a question in mind that does Rahul Gandhi has a love life and if yes then who's the Rahul Gandhi girlfriend?

Well, in this post we have brought you the rare, unseen and exclusive Rahul Gandhi pictures with his girlfriend. He has already turned 41 this year and still there is no indications from him regarding the his marriage or his love life activeness. Previously, Rahul and Veronique were found to have an illegal possession of about 2,00,000 Dollars and since then no more news came about the couple. Since then he is living a friar life in front of media to serve and spend time with Indian rural people (well nobody knows that whether its genuine or just another tactic to improve his image for the election vote bank). Have a look at the pics of Rahul Gandhi with his so called girlfriend.

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