Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Very hot pics/photos of young Sonia Gandhi : Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous

Most beautiful and gorgeous pic in Red saree  : traditional look and fashion icon

Very young sonia gandhi with kids and indira gandhi 
happy moments with indira gandhi
honeymoon photo with rajiv gandhi

wedding/marriage picture of sonia and rajiv gandhi with indira gandhi
In bikini/ blue bra before marriage
potrait passport size close up photo
with aishwarya rai

With Rajiv, Rahul and Priyanka childhood photos

dinner with Rajiv and Indira gandhi

Eating Ice Cream with Rajiv gandhi in skirt
Sonia Gandhi is one of the most leading women throughout the world. She is the most powerful women in India and her name is listed in the most influential women list throughout the world. But apart from her great ruling and political abilities, she is a women blessed with natural beauty by the god. She is a true Italian beauty and looks like an evergreen beauty. Though she has limited herself to Indian traditional women wear 'saree' but she looks very beautiful and gorgeous in western outfits and dresses too. She is one of the hottest female politicians ever. When she was young she had killer charming looks which were sufficient enough to drag anyone's attention and attraction. Still at her present age she looks damn hot and her charming evergreen beautiful face adds to her charm. Have a look at the Sonia Gandhi hot pics from her young age to present and you yourself will realize the charm of her beautiful and hot personality.

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