Monday, May 9, 2011

Extreme piercing photos: Thailand Piercing festival for love of God | Most weird piercings pictures | World's worst and dangerous piercings | Sword, Knife, Glass and Rod Piercings | Largest mouth piercing

Late September and early October in Thailand, held an extraordinary festival vegetarian. I for nine emperor gods to give them shape and peace of mind, these people during the festival, which lasts nine days, must comply with many rules. These days they would not eat meat, drink, have sex or wear white clothes and accessories to maintain personal hygiene and kitchen ... What's really spectacular is to attack the face through various objects: knives, swords, saw, glasses, lance ... Every drop of blood, and every scar can be a gift to purify the soul. This expression of devotion and love for the deity during the ceremony is most disturbing and very particular, but always spectacular.

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