Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best coolest and funniest Counter Strike sprays-logos

Noob logo and seal trademark 
Warning : Dead Noobs in the Area

You are a Noob Message

Off to Noobs with a middle finger

Headshot logo-spray

A very funny Hindi watermark for playing CS 1.6 in India
It is one of the most loved and insulting logo which is loved by CS players.

It's not Youtube for me, it's You Suck!

Yes you are definitely a 'You Noob'

You Are a Noob

Go Away. Famous people Counter Strike  :)

Funny Noob quotes and message

Hate Campers in Counter Strike 

The excitement and coolness of playing Counter Strike (CS 1.6) increases with customization of sprays or logos which a person can spray anywhere in the map. The most interesting and loved part in this is spraying the logo on the dead body of the opponent after killing him. The logo should be such a kind so that it insults the opponent in a funny manner and proved your coolness. Everybody should enjoy your logo and should develop an interest to himself adopt that logo by considering you a very cool and best player.

The procedure for making a logo is that, firts of all,
1. download a "HlTagConverter" software, this software is the easiest tool available to make great CS logos. 2. Now download any of the above picture and open it in the software.
3. Click on auto adjust image button and then save it on the desktop twice. (Select the 'export to WAD') option before naming the file.
4. For the first save, name it as 'pldecal' and for the second, name it as 'tempdecal'. Now you have both the files saved on your desktop.
5. Now, go to C drive : Programs : Counter Strike 1.6 : cstrike : and overwrite the two files by pasting them here. And delete the 'logos' folder and you are done. Enjoy your cool logos in the game.

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