Monday, September 5, 2011

Third Eye of Nirmal Baba : Human God in India

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Nirmal Baba says that just keep on believing in the power (God) in which you belief, no matter whatever is your religion, caste, or creed. If you have faith in the power then it will surely give its blessings 'kripa' i.e (bhagwan ki kripa) in your life. Baba's Samagam programs have created wonders in the life of his devotees. He has supernatural powers by which he already knows the problem and solution of the problem of his any devotee. He isn't any scam or fraud tantrik like those who are looting people on the name of belief and conviction. Rest all depends on believing, if you have faith in the power and Nirmal Baba, you will surely overcome each and every barrier of you life. Many people say that all baba's and these type of things are just a medium of fraud and superstitious beliefs, but we say that there are always some things that science can't understand and neither human being. Babaji has some paranormal heavenly powers by which he gets the intuition of the difficulties and their cause faced by any of his devotee.

 According to him, the best way to get blessings of the heavenly powers is to donate your favorite food material to hungry and needy people. Donating 10% of your income to god (known as dasvand) in any form results in your economic upliftment.  All religious gods are true, because they are just the medium to connect yourself with the true existence of the divine power. So, religion doesn't matter, the powers are watching your each and every step and they work accordingly to give prosperity, luck or sorrow, bad-luck to you in your life. So, just believe and have faith in them and leave the rest to them. If you don't believe this you can yourself watch at-least one show on television only to know what the truth is! For those who don't believe the bottom line is that "it doesn't matter what you think, because others who are believing will surely feel the benefit in their life.

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