Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Most expensive and luxurious car of the World : Maybach Exelero | Costliest car of the world | Most worthiest car in the world | Maybach Exelero photos

The Maybach Exelero was initially introduced by German car manufacturer Maybach in 2005. This two-seater vehicle is said to be the most quickest car on earth with a top speed of 351 km/hr. This luxury car costs a whopping $8,000,000 USD. During this price it may be safely assumed that you have to be unbelievably wealthy to even fathom buying this baby. If you just happen to win the lotto over and over and think that you can finally lay your hands on a Maybach, I’d suggest give that money in buying a vacation home in a minimum of three continents accompanied by a Mercedes S-class sedan to accessorize each home. But, if you happen to be P. Diddy, then nothing should stop you from buying this insanely expensive beauty for your 16 year old son’s birthday! However, it is not necessary for you to have to own a dollar to access these beautiful photos of the Maybach Exelero and I’d suggest a superb nap after to drive this dream car.

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