Saturday, April 30, 2011

Most stunning, beautiful and special photos of 'Maldives' : the Heaven on Earth

The islands of Maldives look spectacular in the middle of trade to the Indian Ocean. So the settlers, and visitors from neighboring regions and from around the world have learned on the Islands until the story continues to be registered. This is the flow of coming and going of people and this culture, that the effect continues to be marked on the left within the people of the Maldives, the new language, beliefs, art, and the island country attitudes.An in the southwest Indian Ocean Sri Lanka, consisting of 19 atolls includes more than 2,000 coral islands. Governed by various groups of South Asia, depends were transformed into Islam in the 12th century. The Maldives was a British protectorate of self-government and independence in 1887, reaching the Sultanate (1965) and then a republic (1968). Male is the capital. Population: 369,000.

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