Friday, April 29, 2011

Top 10 Weirdest and unusaual Animal frienships

Friends are the thing you can count on when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to make sure you only rant. Individuals have friends, so why can not animals. Dogs have always been appointed an ally of man, because animals can not have friends of their staff. Whether it is unique among their species, or on a spectrum of different species, animals require a best friend too.
1. Tiger and piglets

In Bangkok, there tiger named Saimaa. Nurses her piglets that could be dressed in tiger-striped coats. Piglets have a mother, but zoo puts all the tigers. The tiger cubs have come to be a mother sow. The tiger is the piglets as they are his. It's ex-girlfriend has no problem raising these animals rambunctious little.
2. Macaque and rabbit

BoonLau is a long-tailed macaque. He lives in a church while being covered because of the monks. He stays in a cage. He is paralyzed because of a attack by dogs. He could drag in the Temple as the monks called a vet to help him. He has only one arm. The monks felt that the monkey needed a friend, so he has a rabbit. Toby, the rabbit and BoonLau are best friends and have never seen a king side.
3. Baby Hippo and Tortoise

A one year old hippo has been saved after a tsunami hit in Kenya. Wildlife rescuers named him Owen and laid him in a sanctuary. Area of ​​the sanctuary was set in was just another animal that live there understand that it was a giant tortoise named Mzee 100 years. Owen immediately ran to him and turned and Mzee hissed the young hippo. But Owens was persistent and kept close to Mzee forever. He followed him around the shrine and even gone swimming with them. Finally, Mzee gave in and also the two are actually inseparable, now.
4. Giraffe and an ostrich

Bea, a giraffe at Busch Gardens Tampa, Fla., decided she would like to become friends with Wilma, an ostrich. There are a lot of their very own species to explore the garden, but these two have decided to ask each other. Both species are the types of animals and the curious who seek each other to be able to explore. Bea is three with his type of species like to explore new things by using their language and Wilma ten years, but does not tend to mind which seems to close each of Bes.
5. Orangutan as well as a Blue Tick Hound

Roscoe, the dog blue tick, had followed the employees of the Institute of greatly endangered and rare species in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home. Surya, the orangutan, was the first animal to identify the puppy and went to make friendship with him. They immediately started playing with each other, it was strange with the staff, because they saw that the dogs usually is alarmed at the primate species. They used to see if Roscoe used by anyone in the area, but they were unsuccessful, so they kept him. Surya Roscoe and spend some time together and like to swim and Surya take the dog for a walk.
6. Baby Elephant and a sheep

A baby elephant named Themba was orphaned after his mother fell from a cliff. It 'been carefully checked and also the guardians were hoping that could be adopted by another mother. But after a week, was left alone. They took him to the Shamwari Wildlife Rehab, where he has available to Albert, a sheep. Themba load up to Albert and fear him. Albert hid in a cave for twelve hours, yet persistent Themba Albert finally conquered and left. They became fast friends after and still have not been seen since then.
7. Serval Kitten and Rhodesian Ridgebacks

This Serval kitten, called Shakira, was born to a mother who could not produce enough milk. The owner brought it in in two weeks because of an upcoming visit by a friend. He was bottle fed until she was strong enough to be presented his new family. Katjinga, a Ridgeback Rhodeshian had just given birth to a litter, when Shakira was abandoned to his own. He ruled out the kitten as she was one of its own and this time Shakira plays, eats and sleeps with her cubs, as the woman with only one instance.
Chimpanzees and huge Gatti

There is sweet little chimp named Anjana, who plays with the big cats. He helped the caregivers for the very rare and endangered species of big cats sanctuary to improve. She is really their mother. Do you bottle feed the cat kittens solid as found with them should be nap time. The caregiver at the Sanctuary admit that it was a great help in your collection of big cats. She shows them as much as he loves his mother would have if he had a chance too. She's going to follow all the caregivers and imitate what they have to do, which is how he learned to look after big cats.
9. A Basset Hound or maybe an owl

These two animals met a haven for lost animals. When they met, became friends. They were inseparable, now. These two can cuddle up together on the couch or a chair watching TV. Wol & Beryl very well have a friendship that never separated.
10. The Cat and chicks

Nirma, a cat adopted seven chicks. The girl's mother died and he or she has chosen to take care of them beside her four kittens. The mother of the chick is gone for a month, they all live in a cardboard box. Putting aside the variations of the species, this family seems to be mixed happy to stay and play together.

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