Saturday, April 23, 2011

Replica World Cup Trophy | Fake World Cup Trophy | Duplicate the trophy 2011 Cricket World Cup in India | fake World Cup given to the Indian team

It was a great speech today that the trophy given to the Indian team is not the original ICC trophy cricket World Cup, and is an exact replica of the World Cup.
On April 2, 2011, India won the Cricket ICC 2011 World Cup by defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and held the trophy, but the trophy was false and provided them with an exact replica was given the Indian cricket team.
There were no indentations in the bottom of the trophy in Champions Trophy World Cup.

But basically, The ICC keeps the trophy with entries (first) while an exact replica without inscriptions (right) is awarded to the winners.

The Original Cricket World Cup Trophy

Replica World Cup Trophy without inscriptions at the bottom of the trophy.

The original World Cup trophy.

Dhoni Holding fake/replica winners ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Trophy, the trophy itself was restrained by fake whole team India.

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