Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stunning photos of the adventurous Extreme Night Surf by Mark Visser

Professional giant wave surfer Mark Visser probably possess superhuman athletic ability, but surprisingly, it lacks the night vision. Therefore, when he made ​​history riding 30 - to 40-foot waves during the twilight last month, which has the help of techies, presumably letting them know, "Oh, do not worry about me, I'll just surf the waves monster only at dusk. "

For its 2:00 Jaws fit into darkness off the coast of Maui, Visser rode a surfboard deception with LED lights designed specifically for a project of society by Solus LED submarine light of NASA. The lights were positioned to clarify the water board and in all the right places without impeding vision Visser, or the driver of your jet ski or helicopter pilots who accompanied him as he played his talent, nicknamed "The Night Rider ".

Red LED linear strips on the bottom of the board have been coupled with a resin sealed 12-volt DC battery power on top of the card, which provides light to 120 degrees. Visser Jersey also had the LED treatment. E 'was decorated with high-power white LED secondary optics and special facilities for an optimal distribution of light (which hopefully included spotlighting great white sharks and tsunami on the way).

 "The Night Rider" is intended to be only the first in a series of extreme adventures for your surfer of 28 years. Its extreme feats are no plans to part with a documentary called "9 Lives" which is scheduled for international release, later this year or early next year.

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