Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bhopal - The City of Lakes : most beautiful photos of a great tourist destination

Beautiful view at evening

Tajul Masjid's best photo
DB city mall Bhopal - among the biggest malls of India
Takia Tapu in the center of 'bada talab'
V.I.P Road at night - the mini Marine Drive
Despite of its dark history due to the "Bhopal Gas Tragedy", the city of Bhopal is one of the most naturally beautiful cities of India. Due to the 7 lakes present in the city, it is also known as "the city of lakes". It is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh state of India which is also known as the 'heart of India'. The town is a very great place from tourism point of view as it is highly rich in scenic beauty provided to it by its lakes, greenery and off-course its landmarks.

The sunrise, sunset at the upper lake of the city makes is one of the best features of it. The bank of the biggest lake of the city commonly known as the 'bada talaab' is the most visited tourist destination of the place. The cool winds blowing near the lake gives a great peace of mind to the visitors and off-course adds to the rating of the place. Water sports and boating controlled by the Boat Club at the lake makes it the hottest spot of the city. The V.I.P road of the town which runs along the lake connecting 'Bairagarh' to the city is just as awesome as the Marine Drive of Mumbai. Thus it is often referred to as the mini Marine Drive. The city has the holy 'Tajul Masjid' (Mosque) which is among the the biggest Mosques of Asia.  'Birla Mandir' and 'Hanuman Tekri' are also very popular tourist spots of the place.

The 'Van Vihar' wildlife park of the city is one of the best wildlife parks of the country and contains almost all varieties of animals ranging from Lions, Tigers to giant Crockodiles. The places of the Old Bhopal contains a mixture of the modern culture and the 'Nawabi' culture of the past. The place has great value from market and shopping point of view too. Though it is full with natural beauty but there it is not short of any development or facility. It is expanding and developing exponentially on the verge of modern technology and culture. The DB City mall of the Dainik Bhaskar group situated in M.P Nagar is among the biggest malls of India. It is truly one of the best and must visit tourist destinations of India. Have a look at the most beautiful pictures of this place.

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