Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nike Air Burger Shoes ' Airmax 90' - the most coolest, casual and crazy footwear design made ever!

The most famous apparel and accessory making brand of the world 'Nike' has now made the most creepiest and craziest shoe design made ever. Nike has launched its most unique shoe design i.e. the 'Airmax 90 Burger Shoes'. The design of these exactly matches with that of a burger! It completely looks like a burger i.e. material sandwiched between two buns. In this first appearance no one can judge what it is. It looks like a hamburger carried along with your feet. It is superb not only in terms of its design and looks but also the air compression technology used in it makes it one of most comfortable and light weight footwear of all time. The shoe has been designed by the famous designer from Sweden 'Olle Hemmendorff' . In an interview regarding the idea of this design, Hemmendorff expressed that the most durable, powerful and delicious material known to man is none other then a hamburger, so he simply applied this design concept to his work. So, if you want a completely unique and casual look that no one has ever carried along with immense comfort then this is the best option for you. Have a look at the photo of this most funky and newest fashion shoes that will certainly make you look different from the crowd having monotonous foot wear, its a rare combination of comfort with uniqueness! 
the food at foot 

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