Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Touchscreen 'Smart Car' : next generation car of the future by Toyota

Have you ever imagined any future revolution in automobile technology? If not, then by the end of this post of will get a crystal clear idea about the upcoming most advanced revolution in car technology. This advancement will be done on the concept of 'smart phones' and thus will lead to the manufacture of 'smart cars'. This new car of the future will be just like an advanced smart phone on wheels! The design of this has already been made by Toyota and was showcased by it in a recent technological event. This automobile wonder consists of a touchscreen body, automated driving system with  real 3D interface visual  virtual assistant. It will have every feature that you have ever imagined in your 'car of the future' dream. It's exterior body is also a touch screen display and it is just like the screen of a mobile phone (touchscreen). It's interactive display can bee decorated with changing wallpapers, themes and much more features. This is probably the biggest and evolutionary enhancement in the car engineering till date. Have a look at the photos of this wonderful concept 4 wheeler.

the virtual interface driving technology 

notice the display of its body
the changed wallpaper

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