Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Google vs Facebook Headoffice : photos showing the real meaning of professional working office heaven & luxury!

The magnificence and class of the two biggest companies of the world that are Facebook and Google are not only limited to the virtual world. These are also the biggest names in terms of their real estate properties in the form of their grand one of a kind offices which have truly the best designs in the world. Though Google is a lot older name then Facebook, but Facebook is isn't behind it in any terms. In this post, we will see the head office design, interiors and facilities of these two companies and believe us after going through this post you will surely feel qualm about the sad fact that why doesn't you have a dream job in these companies. They have almost every facility which you can think about, it's like 'you name it and they have it!'. Apart from work, these offices are designed in such a way that they have each and every facility to take care of the health, mood and other requirements of their employees.

the glowing sign board
First of all talking about Google Inc., it is an American public corporation company. And currently has evolved and established itself as the biggest search engine company of the entire world. It has grown itself to such an extent that nowadays, the word 'Google' has become a synonym of 'Internet' or the 'World Wide Web'. It is the undisputed king of internet mail services, advertising and video sharing. The head office or the headquarters of Google Inc, is known as the 'Googleplex' and it is situated in Mountain View, California. According to a recent report of 2009, it has become one of biggest companies of the world with around 20,000 permanent employees at the end of March, 2009 and with workers growing exponentially! Being the biggest thing on the Internet is not easy and it reflects with the network of Google, it has thousands of servers running all over the world which receive and process Billions of search requests and other services every day. It is about 10 Petabytes of data processed per hour according to a recent report.

Now let's talk about Facebook, Facebook is the biggest social networking platform used in the world which is an outcome of extremely creative and innovative thinking of its founder 'Mark Zuckerberg'. He is probably the most gossiped and talked about personality in the world who has set a record milestone of the success and growth rate achieved ever by any person in this world! Facebook Inc. is the name of the company that owns and controls the king of social networking sites i.e 'Facebook' . You wouldn't believe that it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his hostel room mates and also his companion students of Computer Science  Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz. At that time, these all were the students of the famous Harvard University. Initially they started this network at a small scale for the students of Harvard, but with time this innovation kept on evolving and growing to the complete Stanford University, Boston area, and  the Ivy League. With its tremendous growth and popularity it was then open and available for every High school students and finally it is now available to everyone around the globe who is above 13. And its present statistics have created a milestone of having over 500 Million active world wide users situated in almost each and every part of the Globe.

Thus these two virtual networks have covered the entire Earth and are still growing at the tremendous rate. Their offices are the most greatest in the world with the difference that the office of Facebook has more casual and comfortable look then Google's headquarters and it is obvious too as Mark Zuckerberg is a personality belonging to the youth group. While talking about Google Inc.'s office, it also has all the features, facilities but it has a more conventional and classy design. have a look at the most awesome, grand and richest real estate properties of the two most biggest companies in the world, you will surely fall in love with their magnificence!


the mess and canteen
fun interior design feature - the slide
comfortable meeting room
use of cycles inside office
the causality with a class 'class'
relaxing room

natural relaxing room

the Android sector room

Entertainment features


the real facebook wall at office
conference/meeting room
Check out the casual design

Atmosphere to give you a feel like working at home!

So, what's your choice? :P

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