Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maldives with 'Underwater Hotel/Resort' concept : best honeymoon-holiday destination paradise on earth!

the perfect room for a couple!
Here are the pics of the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa at the Rangali island of the group. Before its present avatar, it was previously a restaurant which is now built up and modified into a resort providing personal "bedroom honeymoon suite" for a couple along with the facility of breakfast and dinner in the bed as a service and that too not ordinary dinner, but the champagne one! The depth of this suite is around 16m from the surface of the Indian Ocean. The walls of it are made up of acrylic base and the visitors get a splendid 270 degree view of the sea life. The place is so bright during the day time due to refracted exposure of the above lying sun by water surface that special sunglasses are provided to prevent glare.  A well designed spiral staircase is used to reach 5 meter depth below the surface of the water. It is truly the natural luxury at its optimum!

crystal clear water and wonderful underwater life near you

Every person's dream is to spend holidays and have a honeymoon at the best destination on Earth. This post is dedicated to such a dream and splendid honeymoon/holiday destination which is just like a heaven on Earth. This destination is none other then 'Maldives'. The best feature of the place for couples is its conceptual "Underwater Villa or Bungalows". Nothing can be more peaceful and harmonic then then spending your holiday days on this destination. The awesome cool breeze flowing through the ocean, great beaches, shallow sea level, amazing water sports and such natural luxury which you can find no where no Earth. 

coral reef deposits at shallow depth

In short Maldives can be defined as a small island country which is famous for its tremendous hotels, resorts and incomparable holiday experience. It is made up by around 1190 shallow depth low lying coral islands. The place is gifted by nature with great Palm trees, coral deposits and off-course great clean sand. Out of its 1190 islands, only around 200 islands are inhabited and they are built up by extreme luxury resorts which are truly the best due to there unique design and concept. The combination of traditional spas, peaceful environment, true natural beauty along with water sports and activities like scuba diving, water scooter rides, surfing with wind, snorkeling, kayaking, paragliding, jet skiing under water coral watching inside sea etc. makes it the top and best holiday and specially honeymoon destination in the world. The view of blue Indian Ocean till infinity gives extreme comfort to eyes and peace to mind. Apart from water sports, night/sports fishing is also a great feature of the place.The place is also blessed with the best continental cuisines of all times.

the gateway to heaven
For couple to stay, the best feature of the island group is the concept of  'Underwater Villa' or the Under sea hotels and resorts which are dedicated bungalows built inside the sea or ocean at shallow depth! The walls and body of these houses are built of of extremely strong glass which provides you the view of sea from inside. Thus you feel like surrounded with the oceanic creatures and the crystal clear water the Indian Ocean at Maldives. This is the top thing you would have ever desired or dreamed about for your honeymoon i.e. Privacy and comfort at its max. with you life partner. But it is true that luxury comes with money, the cost of these wonderful concept underwater house is around Rs 30,000-50,000 per night i.e around $600-$1000 per night (still cheap and affordable for this incomparable and rare heaven like holiday experience) Have a look at the photos of Maldives depicting the top features of the place and most importantly the one we just talked about. It is truly the most beautiful honeymoon and holiday paradise on our planet.

look at the clarity of water, boating is so much fun due to this
So, did this place impressed you? :)

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