Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha's hottest photoshoot till date - bold & modern 'Sati Savitri' avatar

Though Sonakshi Sinha always appears as a typical Indian actress (in looks) but in her recent photoshoot for a magazine she has tried to break this monotonous image of her. Sonakshi was looking really very pretty in her bold and hot modern style look in the recent 'Sati Savitri' photo shoot of her. Till date it is the hottest avatar of Sonakshi Sinha in which she has worn trendy and short clothes opposite to her image of a 'traditional saree girl'. Though her father Shatrughn Sinha has not reacted on this till now but we think that he might have well understood the fact that in order to survive in the industry Sonakshi has got to adopt the glamorous image.

 Her fans are loving these photos of her as she is really looking very beautiful in her black t-shirt tan top having the text 'Sati Savitri' and denim shorts. It can also be seen that she has worked very hard in the gym to reduce a lot of fat and weigth and achieve this slim look which can be seen in her pics. Have a look at these most hottest casual girly look photos of Sonakshi Sinha.

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