Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Veena ka Swayamvar" - season 4 : beautiful photos of Veena Malik in bridal dress


After the success of Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Ratan in the Sawayamvar show of Imagine tv, now Veena Malik will be showcased in the upcoming season. The shoot of this very controversial "Swayamvar season 4" i.e. "Veena ka Swayamvar" has already been started. Veena Malik who has previously appeared on Indian television in Bigg Boss will be featured in this show. This new season of the bridal show of Imagine channel was already under controversy due to being focused on the wedding drama of a "Pakistani" actress/model in "India". Drama queen Rakhi Sawant who was the trend & popularity setter of this show show has already opposed the involvement of her in this traditional Indian Wedding realty show. In her familiar verbose and exaggerated tone Rakhi expressed to media that India is not gonna accept Veena Malik as its 'bahu'.

The promos for this show have already been shot and is all ready to once again set new records of TRP stats. Veena Malik was snapped on the shooting sets of NDTV Imagine in her traditional Indian bridal dress embedded with gems and diamonds. She was looking very elegant and gorgeous in this dress. The way she carried her figure and personality in it was worth watching and many experts say that this is the most beautiful look of her till now. Have a look at her photos directly from the sets of Swayamvar season 4.

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